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Who We Are

We specialize in helping contractors become more profitable by sharing and implementing industry best practices.

SMR Capital, LLC is uniquely qualified to help FedEx1  contractors make the necessary changes to their business, to improve operating margins. And higher operating margins mean a higher sales price for your business.

SMR Capital, LLC is deeply familiar with FedEx ISP business model and the new contractor approval process. We understand what it takes to make money in this business and avoid making mistakes that can be costly. If you have been thinking about selling your FedEx routes or just simply need a thought partner and fellow contractor to help you improve your business, then contact us today.

We understand Your Business

We are deeply familiar with FedEx’s Independent Service Provider (ISP) business model and the new contractor approval process. This makes us uniquely qualified to help FedEx contractors make the changes to their business that will allow them to improve operating margins that can result in bigger profits.

Maximize Profits, Minimize Errors

Success in this industry means finding ways to ensure that you can work on your routes as efficiently as possible.

Our team will help you improve your processes and find route optimizations that will allow you to meet your quotas and avoid errors that can be costly to your bottom line.

SMR Capital- Buy & Sell FedEx Delivery Routes

Our experience

As an owner/operator combined with years of consulting and business valuation experience with deep knowledge of the culture allows us to:

Identify opportunities

To make your business more profitable

accurate valuation

Of your routes based upon comparable sales

Effectively negotiate

For buyer or seller of routes

Knowledgable Assistance

Provide information to aid new contractors


From approval to closing the transaction


Frequently Asked Questions About FedEx Route Buying & Selling

  • Yes. Contractors may provide pick-up and delivery service exclusively to commercial or residential service areas or operate a combination of Ground and Home Delivery work areas.

  • Profits will vary based on where your routes are located, the density of the delivery area, the number of stops and packages delivered each day, and other factors like cost of workers compensation, fuel, and employee wages. Most ISP’s report gross operating margins of 10-25 percent before owner salary and income taxes.

Your Partner for High-Value Delivery Routes

SMR Capital, LLC has been assisting FedEx contractors in improving, valuing, marketing, and selling their FedEx1 ground routes since 2015. Our team is committed to providing you with solutions that will grant you sustainable profitability in the industry.

SMR Capital - FedEx Delivery Route Consultant