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Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

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Our partner, Omega Accounting Solutions, helps business owners get their money back. A temporary tax credit is refunding thousands or even millions of dollars to eligible companies for employing W-2 workers during the pandemic.

What is the Employee Retention Credit

Your Business May Have Overpaid its Payroll Taxes

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) provides COVID relief funding to small and midsize businesses that continued to pay employees during the pandemic. A component of the CARES Act, you can still claim the ERC tax credit today by amending payroll taxes from 2020/2021. Omega Accounting Solutions is a highly respected accounting firm with expertise in government tax incentives and can determine your ERC eligibility and handle the claims process for you.


Does Your Business Qualify?

Determine if you may qualify in three simple steps:

your business is based in the US

your business had 500 or fewer employees in 2019

your business was impacted by covid:

EITHER you lost revenue during the pandemic, OR your operations were affected by government orders


Omega Accounting Solutions

Omega is a data-centric accounting firm that builds custom intelligence tools that empower business owners to make better-informed decisions.

  • We provide multiple tax credits to help business owners keep more of their profits
  • We partner with major firms Stout and One Williams, a $5 Billion credit manager
  • Our work was reviewed by Ernst & Young and Cherry Bekaert to ensure compliance
  • 15+ years of experience and 180+ employees
  • Over $600 Million in tax incentives claimed

Beware of ERC Scams

Fraud is coming to light with the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) and Employee Retentions Credit (ERC) filed by pop-up shops and other inexperienced players. The IRS recently warned businesses to beware of tax credit providers that abuse the ERC, advising clients to claim credits they may not qualify for. Others will overclaim your credit to pocket a larger amount from your refund.

Do Your Research

When looking for a tax credit processor to help you validate and file your ERC, follow Omega’s five essential tips for choosing a reputable partner.
Make sure they are established with documented processes & a strong record
Find out if they have experience with complicated ERC refunds
Look for a thorough qualification process that limits your risk
Confirm that the company has a proven record of success
Discover if they charge reasonable fees that won't eat up your credit

The Employee Retention Credit is real. So are ERC scammers.

Choose a trusted business advisor with the experience and integrity to maximize your credit while staying within the law — Choose Omega Accounting Solutions.